We help you break down and rebuild your social media strategy into tiny, more manageable honeycomb sized pieces. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start doing. Get organised. Schedule up. Create a buzz. Convert those customers and nurture your relationships. We are all busy bees, but we can learn to build a slick, smooth running social hive in less than 30 days. Let’s work together.

Zoe is a pleasure to work with, full of energy and ideas.
We employed Zoe to further improve our social media engagement and our own understanding of the quirks, algorithms used and to overall improve our social media presence. At all times Zoe was professional full of energy and a passion bringing ideas to us and always on hand to answer questions and guide us through the process.
We highly recommend Zoe’s social media services whether you are a new to social media or a long-term social media user looking to improve engagement and overall impact of your online presence.

White Isle Ibiza

I cannot recommend Zoe enough to manage your social channels! This is a job that demands a lot of planning, preparation and time – the latter of which I have very little of! So to find someone who really understands this area combined with the ability to understand you as a person and what character you wish to portray on your channels, is a blessing! My work also involves very odd hours but Zoe would be flexible and do everything she could to make it work around me – she saved my bacon on numerous occasions! Zoe is exactly the person you need if you wish to take your socials to the next level.

Lovely Laura

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