5 Apps To Keep Your Social Media Fresh.

5 Apps to Keep your social media fresh byoursocial zoenewlove

There are many ways to enhance your social media experience, whether that be for streamlining your scheduling, improving your content, or becoming more design savvy. We have narrowed down 5 of our favourite apps to help you with your digital strategy and content creation. Take note.


We told you you don’t need to be online 24/7, you just have to appear to be. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts across all your social media platforms as well as monitoring Twitter lists, enables you to track Google links and much more. You can pre schedule an entire week of content if you wanted to, and trust the app to do the work. Write your copy, upload your content, insert a link, set your time and dates, and away you go. There is good reason why there are over 15 million users on this platform. You need it it too.


Popular with bloggers and influencers, this app allows you to edit your photos and start gallery collections. You can choose from an array of different filters and tools to change your images. If you are not satisfied with the Instagram filters then this app will have more to offer you.

A Color Story

Another popular editing app, similar to VSCO, but takes it to the next level. Within this app are filters and editing tools, but it also allows you to preplan your Instagram grid, write out your caption and save it for a later date. You can also save your filter so that every time you edit a photo, you can use the exact same filter as you had before. This is highly useful if you wish to create a theme for your Instagram page.


You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create interesting content. Canva takes all the stress away by supplying you with endless templates for all your social media platforms. It has templates for Twitter Cover, Facebook Cover Photo, Banners, Instagram Story and much more. There are many designs to choose from and you can upload your own photos and change the texts and fonts. You can customise the graphics in many ways. One of our favourite apps and we highly recommend this for new and small businesses who may not be at the stage to hire out a professional design team. And the best news, it is FREE.

Adobe Spark

Transform your ideas into visual stories. You can design not only graphics, but videos and web pages too. You can literally create content in minutes and upload it instantly to your social media platforms. This app is packed full of inspiration with a gallery and blog too. So you really have no excuses not to be able to create new and fresh content. Three apps available: Page, Video and Post. We recommend you get to grips with all three.

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