The 3 C’s.


So you’re a Brand or Small Business, and you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd? How can you do that? What will help you expand your reach and build a strong community fuelled by engagement and interaction? What will encourage those followers to convert into paying customers?

Three simple words to keep in mind:

Content. Creative. Consistency.

Let’s talk you through each of The 3 C’s.


    Across all platforms content is key. It has to be relevant, engaging, interesting and eye catching. It is more than beautiful photography with a witty caption. You want to capture your audience, and make them stick with you. Videos, podcasts, articles, blog posts, and much more. Educate and inspire your followers. You want your content to be shareable. What does your content say about your brand? How can you show them that you are unique? Does your content make your followers want to invest their time and money into you? Here at BYourSocial we can help you figure out what type of content is relevant to your business and how it will impact building traffic to your website. Check out our full list of services.


    You want to be the bees knees? The only way to do this and to stand out from your competitors is to be creative. Don’t churn out the same content time after time. Do spend time researching your audience and see what it is that gets them ticking. Video content is vital to survive in this digital age, but be smart and break it down into reusable content across all your platforms. We will discuss this in depth in another blog post, so stay tuned. See what your competitors are doing and then work out how you can do it better. Make the most of the tools provided by each individual social media platform, they are there to be used. The Golden Rule applies here. Quality of quantity. Give yourself room to plan your content in advance, thus allowing you to be more creative. Not sure how to get your creative honey flowing? Contact us.


    You have to be consistent. That is a fact. Consistency means reliable, and when you are reliable your audience will give you something incredibly valuable, their TRUST. First comes trust and then comes the money. Planning on creating a blog? Stick to a schedule. Do you want to build a YouTube channel? Upload on the same days each week. Do you want to become Twitter savvy? Interact daily and schedule in advance your tweets. Don’t expect your audience to stick around for very long if you post once a fortnight and then go off the face of the earth for a few months. Trust me, we have been there. It gets you nowhere. Not got time to post daily? We can teach you how to use online tools to schedule in advance, plan your time wisely or even manage your platforms for you. Learn more.

Do you now have a list of questions? Feel free to head on over to our Contact page and hit us up with an email.

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