Instagram Growth Tips: Don’t Get Angry, Get Better.

Hands up if you are feeling BEYOND frustrated with Instagram? Does the word algorithm make you angry? Is your content receiving less and less engagement? DON’T GET ANGRY. GET BETTER. Implement these 3 simple steps to ensure INSTANT results.

Instagram Growth Tips

Step One) Turn on Business Profile mode.

For some this might some a basic and obvious step, but there are still many new businesses out there, that do not realise what this option means for them. If you are already using Business mode and have this set up, then go along to the next step.

When you have an Instagram Business account, you must take advantage of the analytics. You can use it to gage what content does well, what times are more beneficial to post, and where your followers are from. You can monitor your reach and number of impressions, which will enable you to analyse how well each piece of content performs. To get a true idea keep a journal or a spreadsheet and mark down the information most relevant to you. I personally like to record the daily stats on a spreadsheet, so I can clearly see when there is an increase in following on a daily basis.

Step Two) Be active.

If content is not your strong point at this moment in time, do not panic. You can STILL gain followers. Just simply by being present on the app. Set yourself a time of 15 minutes per day. Either in the morning or just before you go to bed. Put a timer on your phone. And go through and like and leave genuine comments on accounts you enjoy looking at. Do this every day and you will see your following go up. The more active you are, the more followers and engagement you will receive. If you can spend 15 minutes on the app in the morning, perhaps on your commute to work, and then 15 minutes again in the evening. Leaving emojis or “good job” is not suffice. You need to actually show genuine interest in the accounts and prepare to strike up conversation with fellow Instagrammers. Of course, content is key, and good engaging content also is very important but do not put pressure on yourself to have incredible content from day one. 

Step Three) Hash tag efficiently.

In your Notes app on your phone, make a list of hashtags that are relevant to you and your business. Have at least 30 ready to use. You can simply copy and paste a selection of them every time you post. When choosing your hashtags, take a look at accounts that are similar to yours in terms of industry, and have a look at what hashtags they are using. Also be mindful that there are more popular hash tags than others – but this does not always work in your favour. Take a look at how many photos are in the hashtag – anything over 500k is not worth tagging – your content will just get lost in the masses. 

I would also recommend using only 3 key hashtags in the caption, including one branded hashtag. The other hashtags you can add as one comment underneath. 

Let me know if these tips work for you and how you get on! It might feel like a lot of work at first, but you these are just habits that over time you can easily implement into your daily routine. For more hands on coaching do not hesitate to get in touch:

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