A Free Guide on Mastering Social Media: 5 Quick Tips

Five Ways to Master your social media byoursocial zoenewlove

A Free Guide on Mastering Social Media: 5 Quick Tips

We have bumbled together a short and simple guide on how you can very easily master your social media, simply by applying these 5 quick tips. Designed for the social media novice, you will find no complicated, intimidating tech jargon here. All written in layman’s terms. 

1. Where do you want to be SEEN?

EVERYWHERE. Of course, that is every single business owner’s immediate answer, but you’ve just dipped your feet into the pool of social media, correct? Let’s take it slow. No need to throw yourself off a cliff, straight into shark infested waters. 

Quite often, you might feel the pressure to be present across ALL social media platforms. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. YouTube. LinkedIn. Where do you even begin?  *wipes sweat from brow*

Forget your business for a second (stick with me here) and ask yourself what platforms do YOU personally ENJOY using. Do you scroll on Instagram Stories each & every morning with your coffee? Or do you flick through content on Facebook? 

The platform you enjoy consuming content on the most, start there. Is it YouTube? Great. Not a clue about how to create video content? All you need to get started is an iPhone and a bunch of free apps. Every one has to start somewhere. Or get a professional to help you out.

If you actually enjoy using a social media platform, you will find in time, the transition of using it to market and promote your business, will become less intimidating and hopefully (eventually) an enjoyable tool, you cannot be without. 

Zoe Newlove personally recommends starting on Instagram and a Facebook page. The rest can follow at a later date. 

Are you using your personal page as your personal BRAND? Not sure how to take it to the next level? Give us a call. We have Free 30 Minute Coaching calls available. Contact us. 

2. Work Out Your Strengths!

Usually in the beginning, small business owners, tend to manage their social media themselves. Should you have someone ready to do this for you, these same questions apply – but obviously to them! 

Am I good at writing? What is my “brand voice”? Does my “voice” have a sense of humour? 

Am I better at styling?

Still image or video content?  

Are you the “ideas” person? Or are you rearing to get going with a camera but you’ve hit a wall when it comes to content?

Write a list of what you like doing when it comes to content creation. And do not worry if you enjoy ZERO. 

Now I am going to give you a priority list:

Captions and Hashtags

Video Content


Graphic Design

When you get started you do not need to have an abundance of knowledge in these areas, hey, that is what we are here for after all. However, instead of looking at this list and feeling overwhelmed, break it down into segments/tasks. Good at writing? There you go, write your message out in captions suitable for Instagram. Good with a camera? Take a bunch of photos and worry about what you write down later. 

But DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING. We all have to start somewhere. 

3. All Eyes Are On The Prize: Who are your COMPETITORS?

I am guessing you already have a list of competitors regardless of whether you are using social media or not. I am also going to take a guess, and predict your competitors are ALL using social media in some way. 

Pick 3. Just three. 

And write down what it is you LOVE about their social media strategy. Do they have a pretty Instagram feed? Cool enticing captions? Really exciting Instagram Stories? 

Write them down and then figure out how you can do something similar. Try out each idea one at a time, no need to do it all at once.  


There are only two reasons a potential customer will visit your page and give you a follow:

  1. They are a friend and automatically want to support you
  2. Your page / business / brand ADDS VALUE TO THEIR LIFE

Regardless of what industry your business falls under, you want to ensure you are adding value to each and every person who stops by your page, because each person is a potential customer, right? 

So make-up artists, the pages that do well, are those that are informative and often TEACH you something. More than just pretty photos and a fancy portfolio. The artists that share valuable techniques and product information through their content tend to reach a wider audience and RETAIN that audience. 

Yoga instructors can post inspiring photos of poses, but those that share videos and personal stories of their yoga journey, they have more followers. 

How can YOUR business ADD VALUE? Write down a list of bullet points and brainstorm how you can create engaging content around them. 

5. Learn from the BEST

The most successful business owners surround themselves with a circle of people who can enhance or help their business in some way. From investors to mentors to trusted friends. This is also known as a MASTERMIND. Having support when running a small business (or any business) is essential to success. 

We highly recommend keeping up to date with the ever changing world of social media. The algorithms, Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories are constantly being updated. Even we struggle to keep up sometimes.

You can Google absolutely everything you need to know and do your own research OR reach out to an industry professional. 

We offer social media coaching, content creation, management and much more. Decide for yourself whether you are ready to invest in your business, but first, schedule in a FREE 30 Minute Coaching call and we can give you a nudge in the right direction, for no cost at all. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you found it helpful please do share with your friends and family. If you have any questions we are always at hand to help.

We will be launching our very own FREE E-BOOK soon filled with heaps of information just look this and more! Make sure you do not miss out & sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with everything in The Hive.

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